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Non-Working Cover Service

$ 275.00

Commonly repaired items include:

  • Cover will not open or close
  • Cover is opening or closing at an angle
  • Motor is not running or is making unusual noises
  • Cover has a hole or tear less than 4.5 inches.

The $275 charge includes 1 hour of service. Any additional hours will be billed at $150 / hour, or $37.50 / 15 mins increments.

In some cases, a second visit may be necessary to complete the scope of work. If another visit is needed, you will not be charged until you have approved your service quote.

The maximum response time for a cover system that is not functioning is counted by business days only.  Emergency service is also available on Saturdays for non-working covers, but at an additional fee. Service is not available on Sundays.


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