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Extended Service Plan - Auto Renewing

$ 1,280.00

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For your convenience Coversafe offers a yearly auto-renewal option for your Extended Service Plan agreement. Payment for the agreement will renew every year on March 1st. Coversafe requires a valid credit card to be placed on file. We will email you to remind you that the cost of your renewing plan will be deducted 30 days ahead of the billing period, and again 1 day before the payment. The Extended Service Plan agreement can be cancelled any time without penalty. Please note that we do not provide refunds for plans once part of the agreement has been performed or service has been rendered.

Scheduling is on a first come, first served basis with a limited number of appointments available. Customers have the choice of taking one of the available appointments or being put on the waiting list for the next possible appointment. Please note that while it is important to maintain your automatic cover system yearly, the maintenance can be performed at any time during the year. The maximum response time for a cover system that is not functioning is counted by business days only. Emergency service is also available on Saturdays for non-working covers, but at an additional fee. Service is not available on Sundays. For service appointments that are done pre-season or post-season, Coversafe offers the additional service of removing the winter safety cover. During the pre-season we can re-install the winter cover or leave it folded up next to the pool at the homeowners preference. For services done post season we will place the winter cover back over the pool.

Terms and conditions may apply. View a complete list here.

Have a pool AND spa cover? Buy one service plan and get one for 50% off! Second automatic cover must be located at the same service address to receive 50% off price. Second service price will be discounted after your order is received and your account has been reviewed. Please contact your coordinator at 866-746-8444 for more information.

Now you can save even more with our Extended Service Plan! Purchasing an Extended Service Plan will go towards a discount on your future fabric replacement. Learn more by visiting

* In order to uphold the extended labor warranty, recommendations for service or repairs from your technician must be followed through. Extended labor warranty excludes labor to replace walk-on lid brackets and labor to repair damage resulting from incorrect operation or use of the pool cover.

† Limit 1 free replacement set of ropes per year.

1 Save more on future fabric replacement by keeping your auto cover maintained with our Extended Service Plan. Visit for more info.

‡ Response times within 3 business days (5 business days for Basic System Maintenance) are only available to customers up to 100 road miles from any of our service center locations. Customers located more than 100 road miles will receive the next possible appointment for service in their area.




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